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Lindy Bop Marlene riviera swing dress

Lindy Bop Marlene riviera plus size swing dress

When i think Riviera i think of  rugged cliffs, turquoise coves and pastel seaside towns and this dress encapsulates all of this with some added floral.

The Lindy Bop Marlene riviera swing dress makes me feel like a sophisticated lady who should be sipping cocktails on a yacht. The print on this dress is really quite something right? So detailed, almost like you are wearing a painting, but the colours are so vivid they grab your eyes attention.

Lindy Bop Marlene riviera plus size swing dress

Lindy Bop Marlene riviera plus size  swing dress

 Lindy Bop Marlene riviera plus size swing dress

The Marlene dress is described as a sun dress featuring adjustable spaghetti straps, gathered waist, pockets and wide flared skirt. 

Spaghetti straps would normally send me into a bit of a panic as they are so thin they don't cover my bra straps, but my cardigans cover them, or people will just have to look at my bra straps (the bras cost enough, they should be on public display) and being adjustable is really helpful for me, i have narrow shoulders and normally find shoulder straps slip off and i'm always pulling them back up (which gets very annoying) but being able to tighten them stops this.

The material has some stretch and is described as a stretch cotton with some elastane. I would not personally describe this dress as cotton, it has a sheen to it that i think would stick to sweaty thighs. It does a having lining.  

It is also described as high neck, while the neckline is modest (no risk of your bra poking out) i imagine high neck to be higher, and this is a very nice neckline.

I am wearing a size 24 and i think the sizing is pretty spot on, it fits comfortably without feeling loose or tight.

The shoes are from Primark and they are so fun! I talked myself out of getting the pink as i thought what would i wear them with and got the black, but i ended up getting back into the queue (on a Saturday) to get them as i knew they would haunt me if i didn't. They are slightly outrageous as the pink is very bright and the feathers aren't something you see every day but i love them with dress. I am wearing my normal size 6 and i have to say i was surprised at how well they fit, i thought they would cut into my wide feet but they are spacious. 

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