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Bra Quest to Poland

Yes you read that right, i travelled to Poland, along with my blogger bestie, Tanya. The trip was really for Tan, i just tagged along as it sounded like fun, and it really was. She covers the trip much better than i will on her blog.

There is a Polish Bra maker Ewa Michalak, who makes amazing bras in all sizes, and i really do mean all sizes. In Tan's quest to tame her boobs she had bought bras from Ewa but they weren't perfect, a fly away comment and the next thing i know, we are booking flights to Warsaw.

The city was lovely, and our hotel was outstanding, so comfy, with good food and great staff. We did a spot of sightseeing on the first night and ended up in the old town 

It was stunning, the buildings were amazing to look at and there was such a history there, although most of the buildings were actually destroyed during the second world war and were rebuilt in the 50's. 

Collectif Mini Dolores 

On the second day we were up early to catch our train to Łódź where Ewa is based. The train was like the Hogwarts express, which made me very excited. We were meet by the wonderful Kaśka and whisked off to the factory. It was lovely to meet Ewa and her sister Gosia, who got straight in with fitting Tan, lots of trial and error but they managed to get Tan in a perfect bra, she was in tears of joy and Ewa was doing a little dance around the workroom. 

Next in store was a big surprise, they had arranged for a hair and make up artist to come, hired out the studio next door and we were going to model some underwear she was making especially for us. I a now an international underwear model. The team were amazing and made me feel so at ease, not like i was standing in my pants in front of people i hardly knew.

These are some of the photos from the day, the pants which Ewa made just for us, have been named after Tan! 

After a long day, Ewa and the girls took us for dinner, where we had dessert first (i could get on board on that) and then caught the bus back to Warsaw. 

On our final day we did a sightseeing tour of Warsaw so we could take in as much of the sights as possible before catching our early evening flight home. 

Becky x
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