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Interior Design: Bedroom Transformation

At the end of last year i did a total bedroom renovation; it hadn't been decorated since i was 17 and was starting to look a little tired and worn and as i wasn't able to travel i decided to spend the money i had saved on my bedroom



My Favourite Outfits of 2020

2020 has been an interesting year, i'm not going to dwell on that, or talk about what i did or did not do as i would usual do, instead let's just focus on some fabulous outfits 

25 Days of Christmas 2020

I enjoyed doing my 31 days of Halloween so much, i decided to do a full 25 days of Christmas, also with the crap year it has been, it is nice to bring a bit of joy and fun to people's feeds.

31 Days Of Halloween 2020

Halloween 2020 was going to be different, no trick or treating, no going out to parties. I am someone who loves Halloween, i enjoy watching the films, dressing up, the imagery. I have a whole wardrobe dedicated to the holiday and it felt in 2020 we really needed to bring some Halloween cheer to the world, so i decided to do 31 days of Halloween, a Halloween inspired outfit for every day of October, and i have to say i loved doing it and really tried to elevate my looks from previous  years, i hope you enjoy my 31 days of Halloween looks 

Dress The Alphabet: Z

Dress the alphabet challenge
Z is for Zodiac 

Dress The Alphabet: Y

Dress the alphabet challenge
Y is for Yawn

Dress The Alphabet: X

Dress the alphabet challenge
X is for X-ray

Dress The Alphabet: W

Dress the alphabet challenge
W is for Watermelon

Dress The Alphabet: V

Dress the alphabet challenge
V is for Venice

Dress The Alphabet: U

Dress the alphabet challenge
U is for Underwear

Dress The Alphabet: T

Dress the alphabet challenge
T is for Terrarium

Dress The Alphabet: S

Dress the alphabet challenge
S is for Spiderweb