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Off Menu

In honor of the off menu podcast, i have created my own dream menu that James the Genie could get me.
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Still or sparkling water?
Still, I think sparking tastes disgusting

Bread or poppadoms?
Bread, ideally a warm sourdough with spreadable butter

Mozzarella dippers from the cheese bar London. Now I’ve not actually had these, they were sold out when I went, but they look like the most amazing mozzarella dipper with the perfect string pull when you bite in

Patty Melt with sautéed onions from Dip and Flip. A killer grilled cheese sandwich with a beef patty inside and melted cheese in toasted brown bread. Come with pickles and small bucket of gravy on the side, that you dip your fries and burger in; heaven. In this dream restaurant no animals suffered or died for my meal.

Herbies garlic bread. Calzone-style made with fresh garlic butter and cheese and our own unique blend of herbs. Still after all these years it is my favourite garlic bread. 

IHOP tropical Island twist, it is fruity and refreshing and dances on my tongue. Or a TGI’s Oreo milkshake, but normally that makes me feel too full

Sticky toffee pudding with custard and some honeycomb scattered in the dish, with a salted caramel profiterole on top  

However, my true dream meal is a collection of small plates of some of my favourite things, but that doesn't follow the podcast format, and i might be bending the rules a little in the magic restaurant, but i wanted to share it with you anyway 

Small plates meal
In my ideal small plate meal, I would have:
Mini grilled cheese (ideally from Postino in Denver)
Frickles (from Tap and Barrel in Vancouver)
Crumbed halloumi sticks (From Bills)
Mushrooms (From Athena cook in Athens)
Mozzarella dippers (from the Cheese Bar in London)
Onion rings (from Peacock Farm in Bracknell)
Dauphine potatoes (I don't know where from, but i want the dish they were cooked in so i can scrape off the burnt bits, they are my favourite) 
Breakfast bagel (from Makers and Finders in Las Vegas; it was the avocado creme cheese that made this special) 

I would love for you to share your dream menu, either in the comments or in your own blog post

Becky x
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