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Interior Design: Bedroom Transformation

At the end of last year i did a total bedroom renovation; it hadn't been decorated since i was 17 and was starting to look a little tired and worn and as i wasn't able to travel i decided to spend the money i had saved on my bedroom



It had previously been nicknamed the fairy cave, i had things hanging off my ceiling, it was filled with my all my collectibles and was actually a really full and cluttered space. 

Since COVID i've been working from home and as it looks like this will be more long term for me (we gave up our office in March 2020 and probably won't go back to one until at least September 2021) we built a little extension on our patio to be my office space, this allowed me to move all my collectibles in there and free up some space in my room. 

I knew i wanted pink in the room and that i wanted a feature wall and i wanted to feel like a grown up space i could relax in. I played with several ideas, from an ombre pink wall, to floral wallpaper and i can't say how i ended up at grey with pink and rose gold/copper accents, but something about it felt right.

While i had now moved all my collectibles out, i still wanted a way of adding some personality to the room and i decided a gallery wall was the way i wanted to do this. I love Disney, Harry Potter and Nightmare before Christmas so i searched Etsy for prints and ended up with more than i first planned and the Gallery is now the full wall but i love how it turned out. I even got crafty and spray painted some of the frames and i'm into the mix of colours and textures i have.

Furniture wise, i didn't change much, i dreamed of adding a pink velvet art deco bed but i just didn't have the space for it (i actually made a to scale paper cut out of my room and all the furniture and spent hours trying out all types of configuration to see how i could maximize the space). The main goal was to get all the furniture white (and i had already started this earlier in the year with a bedside table and Malm drawers) so i got new Pax wardrobes from Ikea and the biggest addition was the Kallax as a sort of room divider giving me a dressing area and it is ideal for storage with the boxes. 

The finishing touches is where i added those pink and rose gold accents. I am in love with the velvet curtains, it took me 7 pairs before i found the perfect shade, sadly they weren't black out so i had to buy black out liners to go under them but they work perfectly. The door handles were stupidly expensive but i really loved them and i love the feel they give.  I added some pictures of my loved ones, a floral and pom pom wreath and an amazing plus size candle to add those final personal touches.

I also recorded a short video tour for you 

And have a before video so you can really see the transformation (and just how much crap i have haha)

Where to buy

I have tried to provide links or information to everything i bought for my room, but if you want to know about something, drop me a message.  I tried to support small business as much as possible.

Gallery Wall
JenGrene Illustration - Hogwarts and Jack Skellington
ColorfulPoster - Disney Castles 
SunstateCreationShop - Diagon Alley
DEsignforallStudio - Vintage Disney Sign
Zoe Shackleton Designs - Disney Castles 
The fizzy pumpkin - Mermaid stained glass window 
ELR DesignsPlus - Deathly Hallows 
FolkaDotUK - Personalized Potter initial
Sarah Beth Hsieh - Disney and Hogwarts castle
Drawstax  - Hogwarts letter
Freedlc - Tangled 
The pie eyes - Noir Cover 
Minalima - Potter prints
Lady Chappelle - Nightmare before Christmas (this is actually the artwork for my tattoo)
Crease design - it's not much but it's home
Oddment and tweak - Hogwarts as Disney castle 
Bootattoo - Hogwarts 

Photo frames:
Copper - Dunelm
Pink Velvet - Asda
Pink - Asda
Large frame for vintage Disney sign - Amazon 
Grey - Dunelm

Other items:
Plus body Candle -  Amani London 
Labels for kallax boxes -  Multitasking Mummy  
Pom pom wreath - Purl my stitch 
Floral Wreath - Bee4Bee Props 
Pink Velvet Curtains Dunelm 
Black out liners - Dunelm
Curtain pole - Next 
Ceiling light - Next Bella in Rose Gold
Table Light - Next Bella in Rose Gold
Bedside light - Next 
Rug - Very 
Wallpaper - Rasch Geometric Blue Grey Metallic Rose Gold Shapes Wallpaper 270334
Paint - B&Q Delaware
Floor - Carpet right Roma 571 Tavel Vinyl
Bin - Mdesign 
Pink Stool - Asda (now out of stock but lots of similar items out there)
Cable tidy - Wertmann
Acrylic stands - Amazon 
Magnetic motion sensor wardrobe lights - Amazon
Bedside storage - mDesign
Coasters - Ebay
Vase - Ebay
Door handles - Cebi Era Designer 
Mirror - Argos 
Pink spray paint - Kobra
Copper spray paint - Rust-Oleum

I am really happy with how my room came out, it was hard work, i spent more than double my budget but i think the end result is worth it. What do you think of the transformation?

Would you be interested in seeing a tour of my office? 

Becky x

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