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Curvissa Curve Project – A Blogger Event

It has taken me a while to get this post up, sorry, blame a busy week teaching, but finally i am going to tell you all about my day with Curvissa and The Curve Project London.

The bloggers
After getting slightly lost (i couldn't deicide which way to turn out of the station) and scaring London with my early morning bare face i made it to The Worx studio, which was our base for the day. I was one of the last to arrive but was greeted by lots of friendly faces, a purple flower garland and a lovely glass of orange juice. Shortly after the Curvissa team and Saffi from The Curve Project introduced the day to us and it quickly become clear, this wasn't just about trying on some clothes. It was all about confidence and feeling fabulous in the skin you are in.

The team
First up for my team was catwalk training, with the wonderfully fabulous Les Childs (we wanted to adopt him by the end of the day). This man has done some amazing things and here he was teaching me how to walk, at first i was going too fast and needed to add some fabulous to my walk but by the end i was feeling fierce. I was in a team with Leah and Mookie, they should have known that would be trouble, we cackled and jiggled our way throughout the whole day.

Next was onto styling, i picked my dress out in minutes, a body con number from Lovedrobe, but i later changed my mind, i wanted something i felt more comfortable in and opted for an amazing printed top. I also helped the other ladies pick out their dresses (i could become a stylist yet)

                                             The top i wore                                                
Then i had my make up done, Victoria (she does Davina McCall's make up) was beyond lovely and had me at ease within seconds, she even let us play with her extensive MAC collection later (i was in heaven). She did an amazing job of my Make Up, people kept asking if i had actually had it done, which is how natural and flawless it looked.

Then lunch, we sat in the courtyard and had an impressive spread, i can not praise the Curvissa girls enough, they really looked us, they had bottles of water for us, went out and got extra lunch for us (you know us fatties) and then got us wine, coke and cup cakes to see us through the afternoon. They chatted with us and told us how amazing we looked and were always checking in with us to make sure we were ok.
Epic Blogger Selfie
Epic Selfie

After a wait for hair (i spent a lot of time talking about my vag in this period, i think i have now become known as vag girl, and for this i am sorry) the amazing Alex (She does Cheryl Cole's hair) got hold of my locks, i asked for victory rolls as i knew this was a style that suited that and what she did was simply amazing, i couldn't believe how fabulous i looked, it really boosted my confidence. Then Victoria added a bold lip and i was picture perfect.

Then it was camera time, i felt a bit nervous as i only ever pose in my bedroom and this was a totally different ball game, it was professional, the photographer takes pictures of supermodels and today he was shooting fat, short me, it all felt very surreal. After a prep talk from Saffi (who is so beautiful) i did my best vouging (not really) and the photographer was great at getting slight changes in poses for each shot, he actually made me feel relaxed and not stupid at all. (I will get my pictures back in about a week).

Then it was time for our go on the catwalk, Les worked us hard, and we went over it again and again, modelling is hard work let me tell you. I was the first person to go but i sashayed around big smile on my face feeling like a million dollars.

Hands up if you love cake 
Plus Size Bloggers wearing the Curvissa SS14 range.

And then it was all over, i had a truly amazing day, it was such fun and i didn't stop laughing throughout, the other blogging girls made it fantastic (Hollie, Nat, Charley, Sally, Becca and Gemma). Thank you Curvissa for such an amazing day!

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