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Some badass bloggers you should follow

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I have been around the blogging community for over 5 years now, meaning I have been around long enough to know who truly has a voice in this community, a voice that has never changed when certain topics became in vogue and the people who have been writing about the important topics way before anyone else started to.  So, I wanted to share a few of the bloggers that I think everyone should be reading to fully understanding what this community is about and understand the issues and prejudice we face, they are the true voices and visionaries and you will be a better person for listening to what they have to say:

Leah of Love Leah 
God, I love this woman, she is just unapologetically her. She stopped caring what people thought a long time ago and marches to the beat of her own drum; and that makes her fabulous. She says the things most of us are thinking but are too afraid to say for fear of what the community will say and think. I salute your boldness and couldn’t give a fuck attitude. I wish I could be more like Leah, in fact, I think we could all do with being a bit more like Leah, it would do the community the world of good.

Sharon is not afraid to call out brands or people on their bullshit. She fiercely defends the fat body, but also calls out other privileges. Her blog is a bit quiet, but twitter is where she really comes alive, she seems to always be on top of the conversation and shares lots of great resources, making her a must follow if you want to keep yourself informed of the issues and know which brands you should be avoiding.

Kerry of Ruby Thunder 
Kerry is someone not that well known to most and that needs to change. She has such a passion for fat politics and is so eloquent when she talks about it, not only does she blog, but she has also started making videos, which are well worth a watch. She has a unique sense of style, which is most definitely alternative  and talks about her struggles to own this style as a plus size women, when most brands don’t cater to you.

Perelandra of Pamper and Curves 
Perelandra, or Betty as most of us will know her, is a stalwart of the plus size community, if you needed proof of her commitment to fat bodies, she started a t shirt business with her husband who give us amazing visual representation of fat bodies. She does videos and blogs and just makes me heart sing and punch the air when I read her opinion pieces.

Ones to watch out for

Kitty from Kitty Rambles a lot 

Amanda from Amanda Apparel  

Both of those ladies are up and coming stars of the plus community in my eyes, they have great opinions and are sharing some great pieces over on their blogs, so go give them a read and I hope they continue to challenge the community and peoples thoughts. 

Becky x
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