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Stocking Filler

This is late posting from me today, but i didn't get in until after 7 and my priority was feeding myself. As Valentines day is approaching i thought this was the perfect time to share my love and let you treat yourself for that romantic time of year. I have been really excited about posting this. If you think getting tights for plus size is hard, try getting stockings to fit large thighs, i had pretty much given up, they were never wide enough to fit the top of my thighs so i would have to wear them quite low, and they just made my legs look like sausages wearing a belt. Then the Big Tights Company Entered my life and it was love. 

Basque - Elomi 
Stockings* available here

First up i was sent the Magic Stockings in  20 denier matt finish. These are available up to a size 36 which is amazing, they are extra long in the leg, which is great, while i might be short, i have long legs, they are a great length on me. They just glided on up and over my lumps and bumps and sat perfectly, i could barely believe in, there was i was wearing stockings, a first in years. 

Stockings* available here

The second pair i received were the Dublin Lady Lace Hold Ups. They have an amazing red and black lacy band at the top which is extra wide, perfect for covering up a chunky thigh. These are holds up and my previous experience has been rolling down after about 10 minutes, i wore these for a good while and they didn't budge. There is a double silicone band to help them stay up. Again the length on me was good, so i think taller girls will be able to wear these.

My experience with The Big Tights company has been amazing. I received my parcel the next day and Laura the girl i spoke to was so friendly and helpful. The whole thing has been a delight. I have now found somewhere i can buy stockings for my large thighs. I might be single but that doesn't mean i don't want to look and feel fabulous for myself, and in these, i feel amazing. I really can't recommend them enough
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