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OMCZ - Looking Back

Challenge 26#
Looking Back - This weeks challenge theme has been chosen by Steph.
"My theme is looking back and I’d like us to all look back over the last 12 months since the challenge started and see how we have changed."

My first OMCZ post, the theme was blazing red.
12 Months later...

Crop top - Primark
Skirt  - New Look Inspire 
Shoes - Claire Richards for Fashion World 
Fat Bitch Necklace - Black Heart Creative 

Wow, there is such a difference in the pictures, i look about 100 times more confident now, i love the first pose, i just felt so empowered in this outfit and my hair and make up has come a long way. I took inspiration from Callie who looked amazing in her crop top and pencil skirt. A year ago if you told me i would be wearing a crop top and pencil skirt on my blog, i would have laughed in your face, but here i am, and i actually think i look good. Yes there are lumps and bumps but so what, i am not a 2D person, i am real and this is how some women look. 

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 photo sign2_ zps57f31d5d.jpg