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Modern Love

Babydoll - Debenhams 

So Valentines day is upon us, for a single person who is in the midst of heartbreak, i can say i wasn't looking forward to it. My parents came up and took me for lunch and to do some food shopping as my card was cloned and the bank have blocked it, all well but it leaves me without any money for a week. I bought a lot of chocolate in Asda, my mum was glaring at me, i just told her it is valentines day and i am alone, i want to end up in a sugar coma so deep i won't remember any of this. 

Anyhow there is a point to this post, my Valentine this year is myself, i wanted to learn to love myself, and after a break up, where you look at every possible flaw in yourself to see what you did wrong, you take a bit of a battering. So i put on some sexy undies that i bought while we were together but broke up before they saw the light of day and paraded around my bedroom to some loud music, i felt great and dare i say it, sexy? and it seemed a waste for only by cuddly toys to see this, so i thought i would share it with you. Happy Valentines Day. xxx

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