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ASOS Curve Review

I recently bought a few things from ASOS Curve as they had 25% and had some lovely things in. However i was rather disappointed. The models used on the website are just too small and don't really show how the clothes will look on my size 20 body, leaving me feeling like i'm the failure for not looking as good in them. Also the sizing is beyond erratic. 

So lets begin:

First up is the skater dress with lace top and polka dot skirt, Available here for £35. The slip is actually sewn in and isn't very well fitted making the dress not really fit that well, the size 22 was baggy in my waist. 

As you can see, it doesn't look that good on my body, it doesn't flatter my curves in anyway and it just looks bulky on my hips. The lace is quite stiff and scratchy, at £35 i think this is massively overpriced. 

Second: Mini Lace Dress, Available here for £38. 
When i seen this i fell in love with it, it is just so pretty, the lace and colour just make this perfect. It is a really nice material, the underslip is again attached to the lace which makes me feel a bit safer incase of wind. 

This is the 22 and it seems a but small, you can see my belly making a bid for freedom (but there is no button here and it just seems it is the way the fabric is) but it also pulls on my bust a bit, meaning i might have to size up (which is a mad really) but this dress really is stunning and worth it. 

Finally The Bodycon spot and floral dress, Available here for £30.
I have a dress similar to this already but i love polka dot and floral so much i wanted another one. Sadly it was not meant to be, this dress comes up huge, this is a size 20 and they don't do anything smaller, the arms are massive and the length is really long on my 5'4 body and is not tight round my knees, leaving it looking baggy and like i've stretched it. 

So all in all i'm pretty disappointed, nothing in this order can be kept, mostly because of crazy sizing (either too small or too big) do you find ASOS is a bit hit and miss in its sizing?