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ABC's Tag

The wonderfully fabulous Vicky from The Curved Opinion tagged me in this and I always love sharing bits about myself so here goes….

Attached or Single?
Attached – I’ve been with my boyfriend for nearly 2 years.

Best friend?
I have two best friends, Alice who I have known since I was 13 and got up to all kinds of mischief with and Vikkie my more sensible friend who keeps me on the straight and narrow.

Cake or Pie?
Cake, cake and more cake, god I love cake, death my chocolate, death by cake is more likely.

Day of Choice?
 Hmmm I don’t really know, Thursday have good tv on, it is a day away from Friday, which normally means I will be seeing the bf, it has a lot of hype and build up so I am going with Thursday, I bet that’s a maverick choice.

Essential Item?
My phone, I would be lost without it (sad I know). It keeps me in contact with the people that matter, helps me find new people who should matter and I can shop from it.

Favourite Colour?
As I look around my room I think it is pretty evident, everything in here is blue, the walls, my bedding, even my dress today has blue on it, plus it is a colour that has a whole spectrum of other colours in it, you go from baby blue to dark navy, I don’t think any other colour is a broad.

Gummy Bears or Worms?
Worms? The only worms I know of are the bad kind so it will have to be gummy bears, but only the good flavours.

Reading, Berkshire

Either MAC lipsticks or OPI nail polishes, my collection has exploded since the start of the year, much to the disappointment of my bank balance.

January or July?
Again I am going to be conversational and go January, January sales?  Christmas and new year have just been, I am full of hope for the new year, I actually prefer the cold to the heat and it might snow. I can wear my onesie without over heating. I have time off from my teaching meaning I get to catch up with people and have some downtime.

One day in the future but first I want a fur baby

Life isn't complete without?
My family and friends, corny I know but you could be the richest person on earth but still be alone, company and people are the real riches of life.

Marriage Date?
I like the idea of getting married on Halloween and having a nightmare before Christmas themed wedding but I am not sure the boyfriend would allow this.

Apples or Oranges?
I’m actually allegoric to raw apples but I do love an apple pie.

Needles, I have covered this before, they terrify me


Reasons to smile?
I could make a list as long as your ASOS wishlist here (I know it is long) so I am going to pick one and it is the amazing plus size blogger community I am part of, I have made amazing friends, I get to go to events and meet you lovely lot, you support me and make me feel wonderful and loved….sorry getting gushy, rein in it….i just love being part of this community and that makes me smile every day.

Season of Choice?
I like Autumn, The evening are still light, the weather is normally still ok, the colours of the trees, some of the best holidays of the year are lurking, ah I can’t wait.  

Tag five people
I tag Rachel, Lisa, Nicola, Cass and Rebecca

Unknown Fact About Me
God I am running out of unknown facts….i used to play hockey for my school and actual won some medals

Mushrooms, I feel these guys get such a hard time, people hate them and talk smack about them all the time and I just want to stand up and say I love you mushrooms, you slimy fungus.

Worst Habit?
I swear…..a lot, my mother always tells me off, once when I was teenager she washed my mouth out with curry powder.

X-Ray or Ultrasound?
Besides dental x-rays, I have only ever had one x ray on my head, they thought I might have fractured my skulls after going over the handlebars of my bike into a concrete post.

Your Favourite Food?
OoO that is a hard question to a ask a fatty as I love food (clearly) but I would have to say right now I am craving a proper Greek moussaka and some halloumi YUM

Zodiac Sign?

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