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World Fashion with JD Williams

Dress* - Joe Browns @ JD Williams 

Every 4 years a certain football tournament comes around and the country goes football crazy, JD Williams wanted to get involved with this and wanted to try and encourage people to try some fashion pieces of a style they wouldn’t normally go for – in this case inspired by different countries of the world. The outfits could be inspired by a country’s flag colours, or a certain country’s typical style.

I picked this Joe Browns pear dress, it is deliciously sweet and totally irresistible. I love the front button detail and gorgeous fit (i am wearing a 22). Now the style itself isn't new to me but the print is. I normally wear floral and this is my first fruit print dress. I was inpsired by Italy for this look.

Italian style means elegance, femininity, a little intrigue and mystery . . . it’s about your silhouette, slimming lines and details . . . it’s where fashion and style have no limits and beauty has no bounds, coming together to create a seamless look. I think this dress is perfect for this 

Becky x 
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