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Fatshionologie - A blog hop

I'm sure you have all heard of Aussie Curves and French Curves, well i had the idea of starting our own UK version. I am starting a blog hop, ideally for plus size bloggers, but i want it to be really open to everyone, we have picked the themes to be very open to interpretation and as creative as the person wants.

The great thing about a blog hop is you can jump in and out every month with no pressure to post,so if a theme doesn't take your fancy, just don't post. It runs for the whole month so you can post when you like and is it really easy to share your content. I am hoping it will be a more carefree way to take part in challenges.

So how does it work? At the bottom of my post, and Toni's and Elena's there will be a widget (once people starting joining though, you can add yourself and get the code from anyone who has the widget), you add your post to the widget, and then get the code to add the widget to your blog, the purpose of this is, anyone who adds the widget to there blog will see all the posts that have been entered. The service i am using has a button on the widget which will generate the code for you, you just enter this into your HTML and volia, an easy way to share blog posts.

So onto the themes

For August we decided to go with breaking the rules

Playsuit - Yours clothing
Wedges - New Look

A fatty in a playsuit, quick avert your eyes before the image is seared into them forever. That is the reaction of some people, but i am really getting into the playsuit thing, they are cute, comfy and you don't get chub rub (just make sure you don't leave a toilet dash until the last minute). It is summer, it is hot and i want to dress for summer, not hide in some sack, so have my legs out, my arms out and i'm wearing a bright pattern. Bad fatty indeed. 

 photo sign2_ zps57f31d5d.jpg