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New Year, Same Body

fat plus size girl bbw wearing a gabi gregg fatkini

Swimsuit - Swimsuits for all
Hair flower - Ebay 
Cover up - Primark
Wedges - New Look
Confidence - Models own 

It's that time of year where everyone is harping on about changing themselves and the body police come out in full force, There has been lots in the media recently about tell a friend they are fat day (i'm not linking to it for obvious reasons) and with the New Year comes the barge of weight loss adverts and people with their "new me" resolutions bollocks. When in honesty we know 99% of them will be back at McDonald's in fortnight and have all that new gym wear sat in the wardrobe doing nothing.

I'm here to say, i love my fat body and it doesn't need changing, new Year or not. Telling me i'm fat won't change anything either, it isn't like i'm unaware, if anything it will make me think less of you as a person because you think that kind of thing is acceptable when in fact in makes you a twat. Being kinder to your body might be a better use of your time. Don't fret over the little lumps and bumps, your body is wonderful and should be treated as such. In fact being kinder in general will make the world a better place, go tell someone how nice they look, compliment something about them physically (not in a creepy pervy way and men, this isn't for you) give them a little boost and show them they can love their body without having to change it. Let's say no to diet and gym culture/pressure.

Just to show how happy i am with my body, here is my in a fatkini owning it and feeling fabulous! On a side note this is now an absolute bargain in the sale, Gabi Gregg makes amazing plus size swimwear. People have asked about sizing, i am wearing a 22 top and bottoms and fit is pretty good, my boobs just about fit in.

Becky x