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Weird Crushes

1. Louis Theroux 
I like geeky men, and Louis just seems to tick all my boxes. Plus he is very intelligent and makes brilliant TV shows. I can't really explain it, i just have a lady boner for him. 

2. Gordon Ramsey 
Bear with me on this one, i promise it has a point. Have you seen him cook? SALT, RUB, OVEN.DONE. Now imagine that in the bedroom....CLOTHES, OFF,LEGS,SPREAD,DONE. Need i say more?

3. Charlie Brooker 
When he married Konnie Huq i was quite heartbroken, and really surprised. He is sarcastic, witty, on point and just makes me a bit weak at the knees. 

4. Russell Howard
I have been a fan of  his since 2006 and before he found fame on Mock The Week and i liked him then. Now he has really come of age and my my, he can laugh me out of my knickers any time. 

5. David Mitchell
He just seems so innocent and polite and a real gentlemen and i want to ruin that haha, his wife is a corker too.

Who is your weird crush?

Becky x 
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