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Brand Spotlight: City Chic clothing

City Chic isn't that new a brand to us, they have been in Australia for a while, but only became available in the UK via Evans (limited pieces of swimwear and lingerie on ASOS).

 This is what they say about themselves "Too long had we heard a curvy girl's story of a passion for fashion and nowhere to shop the hottest trends. It was time to kick start a revolution….It was time for confidently curvy girls to unite their passion for fashion. With that City Chic grew from 6 to over 100 stores across Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and America, becoming the leading global plus size fashion, denim, dress and lingerie retailer with a unique to chic fit, fabric and print mix."

It is a brand that always catches my eye as they do some really beautiful dresses that fit my retro aesthetic, but also do some edgier pieces.

First thing to note, they use a mixture of numbered and lettered sizing. For the letters, it is as follows:
XS/14      S/16        M/18 L/20       XL/22 XXL/24

They are also a bit pricey, with most things costing between £60 and £80, but Evans do lots of 20% off days so keep an eye out for these.

City Chic Black Shift Dress

plus size City Chic Black Shift Dress

I really liked the 60's vibe i got off this dress and the little peek a boo with the cut out detailing in gold. However a shift shape is quite outside my comfort zone. I got the size 24 and the fit was good, it wasn't too tight considering it's a more fitted material, i just don't think the shift is for my body shape.

Available here

City Chic Orange Tulip Dress

plus size City Chic Orange Tulip Dress

Prom worthy dresses are a specialty of City Chic, they do a wide variety of dresses in the cut but in different prints. 

This material had zero stretch and even though i ordered a 24, it looked almost indecent on my bust; which wasn't helped by the light padding in the bust area and i think sitting down would have been quite uncomfortable and the waist band probably would have dug in. It has an inbuilt tulle skirt, which is something i'm actually not a fan of as i think it makes it too dressy for everyday, but that's just personal opinion.  

Available here

City Chic Multi Coloured Printed Lace Dress

plus size City Chic Multi Coloured Printed Lace Dress

George shared this dress on her facebook and i loved it, the floral lace was eye catching, but in a more muted colour palette. It also had a double strap detail in the back. 

I got this in an XL (a 22) and again the fit was great as the material has some stretch and wasn't fitted. This is more in their prom style, but more forgiving than the other dress. 

Available here

City Chic Black Lace Up Dress

plus size City Chic Black Lace Up Dress

This dress was unusual and that's what caught my eye, it isn't the typical thing you would find in my wardrobe but the lace up detail looked modest enough for work and the cut out details adding a little something. 

I got this dress in a 22 and as it it stretchy, almost jersey material the fit was fantastic. It has an exposed zipper and pockets, it's the little details 

Available here

City Chic Lace Sleeve Dress With Belt

plus size City Chic Lace Sleeve Dress With Belt

I liked the lace sleeves, which seemed a nice contrast to the solid colour of the dress and the neckline, which feels like an exaggerated sweetheart. I also don't have much red in my wardrobe and i wanted to rectify that. This is back in my safe territory of being a full skirted dress.

I am wearing an XL (22) and the fit is spot on. 

Available here

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