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River Island shape my style - Why it's ok to wear bodycon

fat girl in bodycon dress

River Island have recently launched a campaign called "Shape my style". I was thrilled to be asked to review a dress with a focus on finding the best dress for your body shape and wearing it in a way that fits your own unique style.

If you are a usual reader of my blog, you will know i dress mostly vintage inspired with full skirts, and River Island is very modern and sleek clothing.

I wanted to challenge myself with the dress i picked to go outside my style comfort zone and highlight that plus size girls can indeed wear bodycon dresses. Fat women are told to make their bodies appear as thin as possible, and bodycon goes against this principle.

I have to admit i am slightly intimidated by body con dresses, as i worry about showcasing my body in such a curve revealing silhouette because my body is not hidden; every lump and bump is on show, there is no where to hide. But i believe wearing a body con dress is a show of self love and body acceptance. See it as an act of defiance against all the people who say fat women should hide their bodies, a middle finger to people who want to dictate how you should be in your body, you should feel amazing in anything you wear and why shouldn't you feel anything less than amazing in a dress that highlights your body, as it is.

River Island Plus green scarf print bardot bodycon dress

Can plus size wear bodycon?

I picked the green scarf print bardot bodycon dress*, the colours were fun and bright, which i like in all my fashion and i liked the interesting cut with the tie front detail. I actually had to tuck my bra straps in to make the sleeves works. I felt sexy and confident in this dress. I am wearing a size 24, which took a bit of wiggling into, but once on, it fit like a glove.

Becky x
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