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Swimsuit Ready for Vegas

In April i am heading to Las Vegas for Viva, the largest rockabilly event in the world. Part of the line up is a pool party, so i knew i needed to step my pussy up and get a swimsuit that would dazzle. Now most people attending the pool party will be in true vintage swimsuits, however, such a thing is a pretty mythical item in plus size, so i was going for something that would snag me a sugar daddy and show off my best assets.

 City Chic Cancun Swimsuit

I saw this swimsuit on Instagram and was determined to track it down, it turned out it was only being stocked by City Chic in Australia, so i bought it and get it sent to a forwarding company who then sent it to me, that is how much i loved this swimsuit.  The intertwined neck straps were such a unique and interesting feature, and would show off my bust without being too much. I also loved the red and thought it would really work well against my pale skin.

I think it was fate as my size was the only one left and it was on sale! I am wearing an XL. The fit is great and was actually supportive, i didn't feel like i would fall out at any moment and i loved it on me...but could i top it?

Curvy Kate Rock The Pool Petrol Blue Plunge Swimsuit

This looked amazing on the website with its deep keyhole plunge with lattice strapping detail in an edgy blue hue, it looked sexy, but again without being over the top or in your face. This was a case of expectation and reality being at total opposites. 

The swimsuit didn't look the same on me, i didn't think i was going to suddenly turn into the model but the fit was awful, the lattice wasn't open over my bust and was just really closed up and the cups were the most odd shape, with a good portion of my bust trying to escape out the side, and it was spilling over slightly at the sides. It didn't lift them and i just felt awkward and uncomfortable. I don't think i have the correct shape boobs for Curvy Kate items, having bottom heavy boobs, molded cups just don't seem to work for me. I ordered my normal bra size, 40J. Sadly it was sent back as it just didn't work for me. 

River Island Black lace insert plunge swimsuit

Another suit i saw someone wearing on Instagram and thought was cute and simple but still fun with the lace frills and insert.

When they say plunge, they mean plunge. This felt like a dangerous plunge that if i bent over my boob would fall out and i would be flashing everyone my nipples. Not the look i wanted. It was pretty and if i was just going to lie on a sun lounger all day, it would probably be fine, but it wouldn't hold up as a swimsuit for actual use and i didn't want this to be a one time wear situation. I think as my bust is a little saggy and not as full on top part, it needs a bit more support than what was on offer here, but the rest of the suit was a great fit.

Overall, the red suit was always going to be hard to beat, it made my heart sing a little and i feel so confident in it - roll on Vegas!

Do you agree with my choice? Which was your favourite?

Becky x
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