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32 Fun Facts About Me

Today is my 32nd Birthday and i'm spending the day at Hever Castle. I’m excited to celebrate my birthday with all of you by sharing 32 fun facts about me!

1.) I’m a huge Disney fan – although didn’t go to my first Disney theme park until 2016, and now I’ve been to 3 of the 6 parks in the world, with Hong Kong being the 4th next year. My favorite films are Mulan, Tangled, Aladdin

2.) Christmas is my favorite holiday, and it’s not because of the presents! I just love the lights, decorations and music

3.) I can’t dance or sing, but that doesn’t stop me turning my car into my own stage and belting out what I’m listening to. I always have music on when I’m driving and have a specific playlist which is songs I love to sing along too. Alanis Morrissette You Ought to Know is my angry song. Living is a problem by Biffy Clyro is my all-time favorite song. Incubus is my favorite band.

4.) I have been an on and off again vegetarian since I was 12. We were learning about the eskimos in history cslas and they showed us a video of seal being clubbed to death and it horrified me.

5.) I collect Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise, mostly snow globes and figurines and now have quite a collection

6.) I have an abnormally sensitive nose to nasty smells. Actually, all smells

7.) I still have two baby teeth and my dentist doesn’t think they will ever come out

8.) I’m allergic to raw apples. We think it is the skins and my doctor asked if I get bad hay fever, which I do and said that apples contain something that is also found in pollen

9.) I am intensely political. I am always ready to discuss and debate the world any time of the day and with anyone. I come from a family who discusses politics all the time

10.) I hold dual nationality for the UK and Ireland. Brexit pushed me to apply for an Irish passport to ensure I would still have freedom of movement

11.) My all-time favorite movies are: Layer Cake, Inglorious Bastards, Avengers and Robinhood men in tights

12.) My guilty pleasure is Eurovision. I have a playlist that I add my favourite songs to every year that I listen to year-round. Say Yes to the dress is my TV guilty pleasure

13.) Alliums are my favourite flower, I like how they look like pom poms or fireworks

14.) I'm a huge introvert. A lot of people tell me that they don't believe me when I tell them that, but when I know someone well, I open up a lot more. After a long day out or being around people for a long time, I really need quiet time to recharge, or I feel totally overwhelmed

15.) I hate to suffocate my feet inside shoes, so will try to be barefoot at every possible opportunity

16.) I have two degrees and completed 2 years of a PhD. I am a rare pure marketer. My undergraduate dissertation was on the marketing strategy of the Catholic church and my master’s dissertation was on how stigmatization causes groups to form and was looking at the plus size community; which lead to me creating this blog

17.) At one point, I worked as a paper stuffer (the person who puts the magazines and other items into the newspapers, yes someone manually does that). I also worked as school uniform fitter for two summers

18.) My biggest regret is not learning a second language. I was kicked out of GCSE French because of my poor attendance (In my final 2 years of school I had an attendance rate of 55% as I felt I had better things to do, it also makes my continued education later in life quite the twist) but I honestly believe I don’t have a brain that can process learning another language, I find it genuinely difficult

19.) I love to learn new things, and I embrace my inner nerd

20.) My biggest fear is needles. I can’t even look at them on TV. The thought of needing a canula makes my skin crawl and induces panic. Public speaking comes a close second and ties my tummy in knots

21.) I have 18 tattoos, including a chubba climbing out of a sundae glass, an abstract portrait of my dog, Micky and Minnie Mouse dressed ready for Hogwarts, Carmen Miranda with junk food in her hair, a Moogle and a Nightmare before Christmas watercolor

22.) Most people think I’m taller than I am as I have rather long legs (I’m 5’4”)

23.) When it comes to drinks, I am quite fussy. I don’t like tea, coffee or most smoothies (my drinks must be 100% smooth, no pulp or bits). I mostly drink squash (Cherries and Berries is my preferred choice, orange juice makes me feel sick as it reminds of getting travel sick as a child driving to Ireland for my summer holidays), my favourite milkshake is Oreo and I’ve been tee total (sober) for 14 years

24.) Places to visit on my bucket list include Australia, Serbia, Jordon, Montenegro, South Africa, Singapore and New Zealand. And then I read about a new place and my list keeps getting longer and longer. And I have visited 22 countries already

25.) I have 3 wardrobes, I haven’t counted how many dresses I own, but it is over 100 and I have over 50 skirts. I also have dedicated Halloween and Christmas wardrobes that are kept vacuumed packed until the relevant time of year. Getting a seamstress has been life changing for my wardrobe and I highly recommend it for everyone.

26.) I LOVE dogs - we don’t deserve them, they are too amazing for this world. When I’m out I get excited when I see one, I like watching videos of them, and my friends often send me pictures. I’m OBSESSED. I have a chihuahua x jack Russell called Charlie, my parents got him for me when I left my PhD and hoped he would help with my mental health

27.) I’m fascinated with true crime and the mind of serial killers. I have been watching shows like forensic files since I was 13. Sounds morbid but I find it interesting. My work colleagues are concerned I’m going to end up marrying a death row inmate after writing them letters

 28.) I can’t sit still, I am always fidgeting my leg up and down (which people hate) or doing something with my hands, I was given a fidget toy at a training session and loved it so much they let me keep it

29.) As a kid I didn’t understand the second hand on a watch, I assumed they meant a physical second hand and didn’t get how you could tell the time with only one hand

30.) I still enjoy building and playing with Lego sets, my biggest achievement was building the Lego Hogwarts castle in around 20 hours, lack of space is what stops me buying more

31.) I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety in 2011. I’ve had group therapy, individual counselling, CBT and have been medicated since my diagnoses. At it’s worse I could barely leave the house and my anxiety can be crippling but I am trying my best to not let it take over my life and still do the things I want to do

32.) I started this blog in June 2012 (7 years ago) and the scene has changed so much since i started that i often wonder if i still have a place in it, i will never be a highly curated fashion blog who goes to exciting locations for photoshoots and wears edgy new fashion, it will always be me, in my living room sharing with you how i dress my fat body on a daily basis, no glam no fuss - just me. And i hope you still enjoy that after all this time

I hope you enjoyed learning 32 fun facts about me!

Leave a fun fact about yourself below <3

Becky x
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