26 May 2016

Walk into the room purse first

If you don't know about purse first - i really recommend watching the latest season of Ru Paul's drag race.

Anyway i digress. You might already know, but i am starting a new job in June and i wanted to treated myself to something to celebrate the progression of my career, but also my pay rise and i thought what better way to celebrate than buy a fancy handbag.
House of Fraser* has a great selection and here are some of my favorites.

 Do i go for something classic like the Vivienne Westwood the quilting is such a great look, The Radley with it's stripes and contrasting yellow or the Lulu Guinness with its slightly more contemporary feel? Do i go for colour like the Micheal Cors mint  bucket bag or the Coccinelle Yellow satchel bag? Or something fun and that i have always wanted like the Lulu Guinness lip clutch? Totally impractical but it would be like art on my shelf!

Which bag is your favorite? 

3 May 2016

Fat Work Wear Style Round Up: 7

1 May 2016

Spring wishlist*

Spring is coming and here are a few things that are on my wish list 

spring wishlist

29 Apr 2016

How i care for my long hair

hair care, long hair

My hair has got pretty long, i don’t always notice it myself, but i get a lot of comments from other people on it and have to stand up to get it cut now.
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