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Photo Favourite 41

Another month, another round up of some of my favorite outfits from Instagram the past month

A selection of some of my favourite plus size outfits on the internet

Fat Work Wear Style Round Up: June 2018

plus size fashion inspiration

June was a fun month, it was my birthday, i went to Krakow for an actual holiday, we celebrate Fathers day and i went to see Burlesque. What did i wear for all this?

Fat Work Wear Style Round Up: May 2018

plus size fashion ideas
May is one of my favourite months, because it is time for Eurovision! I travelled to Denmark for a week for work, and i had some minor surgery on my toe. What did i wear for all this? 

Photo Favourite 40

It has been a while since i've done a Photo Favourite, but i really do enjoy them and love sharing other plus size outfit inspiration. I hope i can get back into doing these regularly as i hope you enjoy them as much as i do.

Birthday of the blue jeans

Memorable moments in denim history
On May 20th this year, the blue jean celebrated its 145th birthday. From getting the patent for non-ripping trousers in 1873 to the memorable moment when Britney and Justin rocked double denim at the AMAs, they’ve been through a lot. Together with fashion brand and retailers of plus size tops QUIZ, we celebrate the creation of blue jeans by taking a look at the most iconic moments in blue jean history:

Fat Work Wear Style Round Up: April 2018

plus size fashion ideas
April was a busy month, i had outings to London, many gigs and shows to attend and i was in America for a week (which meant i got to pick up some new goodies). What did i wear for all this?

Fat Work Wear Style Round Up: March 2018

Plus size outfit inspiration and ideas
March was a quiet month, not helped by the snow, i was just feeling in a real funk with a wardrobe and didn't feel that inspired.

Things to do in Vienna

Recently i went to Vienna, i was actually going over for a work thing, our big Sales Kick Off Meeting, but i was lucky enough to take a few personal days before the event and brought Tan, my blogger bestie with me to enjoy the city.

Top things to do in Vienna?

Category is: Wedding guest realness

wedding guest outfit idea

Spring is upon us, which means that there's another time of year fast approaching: wedding season. Now it's time to find the perfect dress and shoes...

Fat Work Wear Style Round Up: February 2018

Plus size outfit inspiration and ideas
February was a busy month - I travelled to Vienna for our big sales kick off meeting, but added on a few days to explore with Tan. I had afternoon tea, London Edge and there was also a snow storm to contend with. See how i dressed for all this is February's wardrobe round up.

Female Icons Who Transformed Fashion

We all take style inspiration from different sources. Everything from politics and culture, to fame and the media has the power to change what we wear — but who are the female icons that have truly transformed how we dress?

Pinpointing the moment a style leapt from the side-lines into mainstream fashion is near impossible. However, sometimes, all it takes is the drive and power of a single female icon to create a revolution. Check out the leading women fashion influencers and find out how to bring their iconic trends into 2018.  

Fat Work Wear Style Round Up: January 2018

Plus size outfit inspiration and ideas

January was a month where i seemed to dig out lots of my older dresses - sorry i've been unable to link to them, but sometimes it feels good to have a rummage through your wardrobe and find old favourites.