13 Feb 2016

We’re the perfect fit

 Around valentines we are bombarded with pictures of ladies in underwear, usually it is underwear in sizes most plus size women will never be able to fit into. While there have been advances in cup size among many UK brands, back size is still an issue, with most stopping at a 38/40. It was great to go out to Poland and see that Ewa is making sexy, yes SEXY bras up to back size 140 and cup size K (although custom sizes can be made).

 I think it also important to share images of women whose bodies aren't perfect or fit the ideal underwear model standard. We need to challenge the ideas of what sexy is and show sexy comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. I think i look pretty damn sexy in these underwear sets and therefore i share pictures like this to help empower other women, who have bodies like mine, show them that they can look good in underwear, and that they shouldn't be afraid to embrace their sexy sides and unleash it on the world.

9 Feb 2016

Dressing up for special occasions

So you’re having that special occasion coming up, and you need a few ideas to give you a classic look or make a statement, there are lots of ideas, in magazines, in local retailers, or online, to get your desired look.  Whether you want something plain, or for it to pop with pattern, there’s every style of outfit out there for you.

5 Feb 2016

Outfits of the week: 3

31 Jan 2016

What i've been binge watching on Netflix

I love my Netflix subscription, i love nothing more than coming home from work and spending hours addicted to a TV show that i just can't get enough of. Here are some of my favourite Netflix finds:

There are several versions of this on Netflix, i watched the original Danish version so can only comment on that and would recommend it as the version to watch. The Danes know how to make a good murder mystery. It has subtitles so if that isn't your thing, maybe watch the American version. Each episode is a day in the case and it is full of twists and turns and had me gripped. I am now off to find seasons 2 and 3. 
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