12 Nov 2015

Photo Favorite Thursday #32


25 Oct 2015

Lindy Bop Blue Audrey

15 Oct 2015

A day at Scarlett and Jo

Last Saturday I spent an amazing day at Scarlett and Jo headquarters, modelling the A/W and S/S collections for the new Scarlett and Jo website. 

I wasn't alone in this, in fact, there was about 25 girls, ranging from a size 16 up to a 32, which was just incredible. Gifi (the man behind Scarlett and Jo) has a great vision for the new website, and wants you to be able to see the clothes on several sizes, so you can see what it would look like on someone with a body like yours. Therefore most outfits were modelling by two different people, one under a size 18, the other, over a 24. 

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