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A little bit of mesh

It feels like forever since i actually posted an outfit on here, sorry for that but i am back and raring to go with outfit posts.

This dress/top is from my sales haul (post coming soon) and i got it New Look in Doncaster, on a fatties shopping day (post also coming soon). I had seen it on the website a few times and liked it but didn't like it enough to pay full price, when i spied the last one on the rack in Doncaster and seen it was a 20 and only £8 i thought bargain i will be having that.

I wore this yesterday, me and the bf went up to Bath as i had a lecture this morning, on the way we went to Cribbs Causeway for a stroll around the shops and to one of our favorite food stops for a muffin and drink. They have opened a new sweet shop and i have to say we went a bit wild on the pick'n'mix and the bf got himself a large slush puppy and now wants to go back so can he can have more slush puppies in every flavor. As there was a bit of a chill on the air i paired it with my new eyelash knot cardigan (i seen this on Rachel and loved it) it is beyond soft and i walked around hopefully stroking myself.