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Simply Be Review

I am keeping this post separate from my sales haul as i need some advice on the clothes. When i got home from shopping on Saturday  night and i was sat in my hotel room, iPad in hand i might have *accidentally* placed a Simply Be order.

First up the Anna Scholz side pleat dress. Now £35. I got this in a 22 and it's huge, i could size down to a 18 i think. The cut of this dress is really flattering and if it was tighter i think it would make figure look amazing. It is also really long on me, which is something i am not a fan of. It is meant to be animal print but it looks more like a 70's carpet we used to have in my living room. Sadly this dress just isn't for me. 

 Crochet collar print tunic £15. I loved this from when i seen it, it has squirrels on! again this is huge and shapeless on me, i think i need to learn i am a size 20 in simply be. I just look boxy and it is really short, again sadly not a keeper.

Frock and Frill lace trim tunic, £26. I wasn't 100% sure about this dress but wanted to give it a try. I can't put my finger on it, but there is something about this dress that i just don't like. It is almost skin tone on me which just looks a bit odd and again now that flattering on me. 

Anna Scholz crinkle bid trim dress, now £34. I was thinking of this dress for my brothers wedding. My mother when she seen it said it looks quite depressing. I can't decide on this dress, it is nice, but again on the long side, the material is quite thin and see through so i might have to wear something under it and it might make add bulk to my middle, What do you think?

Finally the sheer skirt maxi dress, £55. I seen Rachel in this and liked it so while ordering the rest i thought i would give it a go. It is actually a perfect length on me so anyone taller might struggle. I liked the flock top which seems to be very trendy at the moment. The band in the middle is flattering. The underskirt could be on the short side though, my mum complained saying you could see the fat top bits of my thighs in it and therefore it wasn't appropriate. Again what do people think?