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ASOS I love you, but we have a problem

I love ASOS Curve, it is one of the most fashion forward plus size brands out there, I often want everything on the website and have money to spend however there is one small niggle spoiling this otherwise perfect relationship, but it is a niggle, that if not fixed could turn this relationship sour....Your fit!

The sizing and fit of ASOS Curve clothes are just mad and make my mid boggle. There is no consistency, sometimes an 18 is right, other times I need to size up to a 24 or 26, which is quite a difference, to put this in context it would be like a size 8 person having to size up and wear a 16, when in reality this would never happen. In the last month I paced close to £400s worth of orders with ASOS and have kept maybe 4 items, over the last year countless orders were returned and I was left feeling depressed and like my body was the problem, did I have crazy proportions? In some of the dresses the neck gaped so much I could fit a teddy bear in there, the arms and shoulders are so tight I feel like I am in a straight jacket and the waist, I would love to know what they are modelling their clothes on, the waists are often so low it loses all shape.

This isn't a scathing attack on ASOS, I want to shop there, I am more than happy to give them my money, and quite a proportion of, it just seems they are unable to keep it. This is more a plea to ASOS of pease sort it out, I want to look amazing and you are one of the few brand who offer that.