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Sales Haul Part Un

I have split this post into two parts because this weekend i am heading to Doncaster to meet up with some of the rad plus size blogging ladies for a day of fat shopping, i am so excited and a separate post about this will follow. I am hoping to get some bargain clothes on this trip so will be saving all my fashion purchases until then. 

So for now i will show you what else i have been buying in the sales 

I went to Matalan but sadly got there a few days late as there wasn't much left clothes wise, but i did find these decorations (a few are from Tesco). I love the bright colours, my mum thinks they are really tacky but i love that and hopefully next Christmas i will have my own house to put them up in. This whole box cost me about £30 when it should have cost nearer £70 as everything was at least half price.

So i had the decorations, i now needed a tree for them, i knew i wanted a white tree, to really make the decoartions stand out. I found this in Argos reduced to £10 from £40. It is a 6ft tree with decorations included and lights, an absolute bargain. 

HD Brows Palette, the beauty group i am part of rave about this product and i am really starting to get into defining my brows and making them stand out so i have this product a go, it isn't cheap, normally £20 but i had an xmas discount code so got them for £15.43 with free p+p. I am hoping to go get the actual HD brows done so i will post about that. 

Enrapture Jumbo Waver. I had reviews about this product being amazing for doing hair, i had recently bought a wand, which i do like but i liked the look this gave so thought i would give it a go. I got it in boots for £37.49, half price as it normally retails at £74.99. I will do a post soon showing you the results.

I am a huge stand up comedy fan but refuse to let my family buy me any of the dvds for Christmas as they are so expensive, i got all them from Sainsburys for £7 each (so about half price). This isn't actually all of them, i ordered 7, the others just haven't arrived yet.

I am such a perfume whore, i have so many, my mum always tells me off for buying more but i can't help myself, it is my one true weakness. I did get a Lady Gaga set for Christmas but i seen this reduced to £16.66 in Boots so i had to have it, i will leave this one at my BF's house. I also got the YSL Manifesto Perfume, it smells amazing, this is a 50ml bottle and comes with a 10ml handbag spray, it normally costs £60.50 but i got it for £34.99 from Fragrance Direct (who still  have it at this price) my BF ended up treating me to this.

I seen this cute reindeer mask while walking around Matalan and the checkout lady ended my giving it to me for free, my best bargain yet hehe. 

And finally some Jewellery i got. The top necklace is from New Look, I just fell in love with it and it wasn't in the sale but i bought it anyway, when i got to the till it was actually reduced to £5 from £6.99 so i was happy. The spiked Epaulettes were from ASOS, originally £15 but i got them for £12 and the mini spike necklace is also from ASOS and was £8 but i got it for £6.20. 

So that is my sale haul so far, i will be back with part duex next week. 

Have you picked up any sale bargains?