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Pink Clove for the holidays


After the success of my last bodycon dress, i wanted to push it further when Pink Clove asked if i wanted to review something for them....

The Millie Off Shoulder Midi Skater Dress* caught my eye as a dress that could be perfect for the Christmas party season. Simple so you could embellish with a sparkly handbag, over the top shoes and some statement jewelry.

In the dress i am wearing a size 24, and this is bodycon that isn't that forgiving  and shows off all your lumps and bumps, however the fit of the dress was good, but the sleeves were a bit off, being quite large they wouldn't stay in place and kept slipping down.  I really like the length on me and the ruffle

The shoes are from the Truffle Collection*, they are wide fit and i would say the width was fairly adequate but i think if i planning a night of dancing until the small hours, they would have ended up kicked off and me taking to the dance floor barefoot as they would have cut into the side of my foot and what made them quite uncomfortable to wear was the ankle strap, considering Pink Clove is a site dedicated to Plus Size clothing, these ankle straps were not designed for a plus size lady, i could barely do them up and needed help to eventually fight into them and even then they cut into my leg, giving me unsightly fat bulges between the straps, i ended up swapping out for a different pair of shoes for these photos as these were so uncomfortable to stand in.

Overall this outfit was quite a struggle for me, i didn't like how i looked in the pictures and i actually wondered if i really wanted to post them, but being a plus size advocate means posting pictures of yourself looking like you really do, even if you aren't 100% happy with that as we need to normalize fat bodies of different shapes and sizes.

Becky x
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