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What size am I?
I am a UK 24 depending on the brand, style, cut and material but i really can't stress enough that you should try everything on and size is just a number, if you need to size up, don't worry. I also have size 6 feet.

What are my measurements?

How tall am I?

While some people find this hard to believe, i am only 5'4", i just have quite long legs for my height.

What do i use to take my pictures?

I use my Samsung S20+ and a tripod.

What do i use to edit pictures?
I don't edit my pictures 

Why did I start this blog? 
Before 2012 I was full of self-hated and loathing for my body, a major contribution to my depression and anxiety.

In June 2012 i started this little space as started to love my body and can’t imagine changing it. How did this happen?

I was watching a program on BBC3 about body image and Kristy Lou from was on it selling fat and body acceptance, I went straight to her blog and my world changed. I started to see that I shouldn’t be ashamed of my body and that there was nothing wrong with me, in fact I was abusing myself because of my hatred of my body and I couldn’t let it continue, If someone else had spoken to me the way I spoke and thought about myself I wouldn’t have tolerated it and would have cut them out of my life along time ago.

From following other blogs it has pushed me to be more adventurous with my clothes, I don’t have to hide away and blend in, I can wear anything I like and as a result my wardrobe now has some colour in it and I make some more daring fashion choices that a year ago I would never have considered, they have also helped but the fun and joy back into shopping and fashion that I had lost.

And now I want to share this journey with others and hope i can help them learn to love and accept their bodies.

Where Do I shop?
Some of my favourites include:
Vixen by Micheline Pitt (you can see my collection of Vixen outfits here)
Unique Vintage (you can see my collection of Unique Vintage outfits here)
Lady V London (you can see my collection of Lady V London dresses here)
Pin Up Girl Clothing (you can see my collection of PUG dresses here)
Modcloth (you can see my collection of Modcloth dresses here)
Lindy Bop (you can see my collection of Lindy Bop dresses here)
Hell Bunny (You can see my collection of Hell Bunny dresses here)
Collectif (you can see my collection of Collectif dresses here)
Asos Curve (you can see my collection of ASOS Curve outfits here)
New Look Inspire (you can see my collection New Look outfits here)
Simply Be (you can see my collection of Simply Be outfits here)
Evans (you can see my collection of Evans outfits here)

Can I follow you else where?
Yes, i am a bit of a social media fan girl, you can find me at:
Twitter: @boo_brown

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